12 Businesses You Can Start with Less than N30, 000 for Each

By Francis Okoye

Do you know you can start a new Business with just N30, 000? You can run and manage it with that amount until it grows.

Are you a graduate, a school leaver, a pensioner? Are you tired of looking for a job that does not exist? Do you think your problem is that you did not go to school? Don’t let all these problems bother you. Just make a difference by choosing one of the businesses below and start it. You have to pray to God to guide you in selecting which one to do. You also need to always buy every edition of this newspaper in other to help you in your new business. You can also contact me if you have any problem or question or join my Whatsapp group.

Here we present to you 12 Businesses you can start with less than N30, 000 for each.

1. Barrow Rental: This business works in a simple way. You buy a wheel barrow and ask them to weld the additional parts to it. Then your wheel barrow is ready for rental. You go to any nearby market, ask them how much it costs to rent a wheel barrow daily. Register with the union and find those who will rent from you. Note that you have to make the person bring a guarantor; probably a civil servant or some reliable person, who will sign agreement with you, that the person renting from you, pays on time and does not run away with wheel barrow.

If you want to do this business, the first thing you have to do is go to any nearby market and find out if it will work there. There are many “Job” people, who carry loads on their head, they would be happy to rent a wheel barrow from you on daily basis.

The cost of the wheel barrow, the additional work to be done on it and registration with union of wheel barrow owners in the market would cost you up to N30, 000.

You can also use the wheel barrow yourself to start your own service. You would need to register with the union in the market. Be sure to earn at least an average of N2000 per day.

2. Cooking for School: If you know how to cook very well, you can set up business for yourself by teaching others how to cook. Your target should be young girls, newly or about to marry women. You can target married women who don’t know how to cook or want to learn how to cook some special dishes. You can charge as much as N20, 000-N50, 000 for a month of teaching, while the students buy all the items for the practical teaching.

You can use your house or go to the person’s house to teach the person, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Each class can last for about 2 hours each time. Make a list of people in your neighbourhood or area who might need your services and approach them.

3. Cook for Hire: This business has kicked off in Onitsha, as many rich women, including top bankers, in Onitsha pay as much as N10, 000 or N15, 000 to other women to prepare a pot of soup with all the ingredients.

I also saw an advert on Facebook of similar services in Lagos. They would prepare a 5 litre soup of any kind for N9, 000. These women are often busy or don’t know how to prepare such dishes. You can explore this opportunity.

This area also includes cooking for occasions for people. You may not need much money to start this, because you can hire the items that you would use for the cooking.

If you are doing cooking for occasions, you can be in groups; you can also attach yourself to some already doing the business, so that you can learn on the job. You can use your home as your contact address, print a business card, register the business, use a friend’s office as a contact address. All these will not cost you up to N30, 000. You can print handbills.

4. Snacks Making: Do you live close to a school? Do you know how to make any snacks? Even if you don’t know how to make snacks, you can easily learn to produce it and sell at the school or even work place. You can add drinks like mineral, malt to it. To start up will cost you less than N30, 000.

5. Sweeping Yard: Do you know that you can make money, sweeping compounds for people? All you need is your broom and shovel to clean the gutter, and time to do it. You can earn from N4000-N10, 000 monthly per building, sweeping each one 3 to 4 times a week, either in the morning or evening time. You will need less than N30, 000 to start this.

6. Bread seller and micro bakery: You can make money selling bread in your Area. You can also sell bread at motor parks. You will buy from bakery or from the area where their delivery vans come to. You may need to build a table, a big umbrella, a stool and then money to buy the initial stock of bread that you will be selling. Investigate to find the type of bread that is selling fast and buy such to sell. You may sell in front of your house to cut down on expenses or rent a small shed to sell from. Also arrange for a small place to keep those you have not sold.

We also have special business empowerment training coming up in my Onitsha office. We shall train few persons in a new form of bread business known as Micro Baking. You can bake the bread from your flat or house yourself. You may not need any staff. We will show you special quality bread to produce, and how to market it. It will cost you around N120, 000 to start, including the N40, 000 training fee. It will still cost you less if you don’t have an oven. You can contact me to book for the training. It will last for three days. We also have a bakery where you will learn the practical aspects of the business.

7. Weaving hair: learn how to weave hair and offer the service to women. You can do this from your home, hostel or go to an area where they are many other women offering the same service. Join their union, and pay to share space with others.

8. Nanny: work as a Nanny for elderly people or pensioners. You can come 4 times a week from 8am – 4pm or you can work as a live-in Nanny. You should be able to know how to cook well, shop, clean the house and wash clothes. Salary is from N12, 000, for day Nanny, to N25, 000 for live -in Nanny.

9. Jewellery selling: Buy jewellery from Main Market, Onitsha and sell. You can display it on a table in front of your house or go from school to school, from work place to work place, to sell.

10. Garri selling: Buy a bag of garri and begin to sell in cups, painters and tins. Find the current prices. You can sell from your home or rent a space in the market. Tell neighbours of what you sell, if selling from the home.

11. Private Tutor: if you are a graduate or school leaver who is brilliant, you can offer your services as a private tutor to clients who have kids in primary, secondary or preparing for WAEC, GCE or JAMB. Pay from N25, 000 monthly per family. You may need only one family to tutor its members who are in schools. Good for NYSC members also.

12. House Agent: Be a house agent, find accommodation for people and then get paid a house agent fee. Join the house agents union. What you need to start is to contact other agents, have their phone numbers, and the available houses for rent. Then place a notice in front of any where or your house, that you have ‘flats to let’, ‘rooms to let’, etc, with your phone number. You will also charge a fee for showing prospective clients properties.

That will be all for this issue, keep a date in the next edition as we discuss 13 BUSINESSESS YOU CAN START WITH LESS THAN N60, 000. If you liked this, you can order for my report: ”HOW TO HAVE AN OFFICE AND ADDRESS TO USE FOR YOUR BUSINESS ANY WHERE IN NIGERIA AND ABROAD WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY OR PAYING RENT.”

This will work for businesses that offer services.

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Francis Okoye writes from Onitsha.