12 Business You Can Start With N60,000 Each

By Francis Okoye

Welcome to another write up on business you can start up, instead of going about looking for jobs that do not exist, or waiting till you get N600,000 or one million naira before you can start a business.

You can start small and then through hard work, prayers and business knowledge grow your business. Many successful businessmen you see today started small, some started their businesses in their home, before it expanded to become a worldwide business.

If you missed the first write up in the series titled: 12 business you can start with less than N30,000 for each” go and look for the last edition and buy it, the write up is published there.

The purpose of the write up is to make you start up a business, either part time or full time, don’t delay again, act now!

Here I present the 13 business you can start with N60,000 each and how you can go about doing that.

1. KITCHEN RENTAL: You can do this business from your home. You need to buy ceramic plates, spoons, aluminum plates and hire out to people that are celebrating any occasion or doing burial ceremony within your area. You have to investigate and find out from those who are already doing the business on the type of ceramic plates and aluminum plates that are required and how much it would cost to hire a plate or spoon for an occasion. Also write your initials on each plate and spoon, you need an artiste to do that.

You can also include coolers to your rental business. All these will not cost you up to N60,000. Note: Coolers could be the biggest size-you can purchase 2 or 3 for a start.

To get customers, get an artiste to write a sign board that says “Rent your plates and coolers here” and place it in front of your house. You can also print a business card and also tell people about your new business by word of mouth. Tell family and friends to help you get customers. Also contact caterers and tell them of your rental services.

2. PRINTERS: you can be a printer without a printing machine, or expertise in graphic design. You can get a job, cost it, get a graphic artiste to design it for you and then go to those with printing machine to print it for you.

What you need to know is what is called “costing”, that is ,be able to tell the amount of money it will cost to print anything including your profit-you can learn these from other printers within a week or pay someone to teach you. You would then join the printer association and use your home as office address. Print a business card, you can also register your business name at the corporate affairs commission, which will cost you less than N20,000.

You will be getting printing jobs and doing them at a cheaper rate than those who have printing machines, because you have no staff to pay, you don’t pay rent, you don’t have to maintain printing machines and generators.

3. PURE WATER SALES: This is a very simple business, buy pure water bags in sets i.e. 10 bags or more depending on the makers. Buy a cooler and put the pure water in it. You may also add blocks, but this will eat into your profits. If you have a freezer or refrigerator you can use it to cool the pure water before sales.

You can sell in bags and single pieces, each one bringing its own profit .Find a suitable place to store it in your house and start with about 300-400 bags which is about N30,000-N40,000.you can also buy some packets of bottled water and also sell in packs and one bottle of water at a time.

If you live near were people are always passing by, or near a school or church or market, it is even better as you would get more patronage.

4. KEROSINE SELLER: This business, you can even start it with N10,000 or less. You can buy more and invest more money in it. Buy 50 litres gallon, containers of 1 litre and 2 litres and funnel. You may buy a table to place the 1 litre and 2 litre containers on. You can start selling from your home, in front of your home or at a spot in a busy area near the market. Note: in this business, you need to buy only from filling station that have good meters, and also good kerosene that is not mixed with anything, so as not to harm buyers through kerosene explosions. Always check the kerosene you buy to ensure its okay and sell as you buy i.e. add your own profit while selling. Some people only start selling from 6pm-9pm when people must have returned from work. Choose what works for you.

5. ONIONS SELLER: Buy a bag of onions or half bag of onions from the Hausa market nearest to you, and sell to the public. You can have a carpenter construct a table and chair for you and buy a big umbrella for shade. Put the table and chair and umbrella in front of your home, but if you are a tenant ask the landlord for permission, he may charge you a little land rent.

You can also sell it directly from your home, tell neighours and friends that you have onions for sale or you can also sell at work places.

Your onion will be cheaper than those selling at the market because you don’t have to pay for store. Find out the current retail price and how to store the onions from those you buy wholesale from ,so that it doesn’t spoil.

6. DRIED FISH SELLER: The same way that you set up onions selling business is the same way you can set this one up.

7. ENGINE OIL BUSINESS: You can do this business in two ways, either you buy engine oil in 50 liters gallon and retail in containers. These containers can be bought at the market. The other option is to buy already packaged engine oil imported or made in Nigeria in 4 litre gallons and sell. You can also combine the two methods. Start the business from your home, in front of your house or near were buyer like okada riders,motorists ,keke drivers,and those who use generators can have easy access to.

8. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR: This business is ideal for people in the medical profession and anybody who knows how to use a high blood pressure monitor.

Place a sign in front of your house which says” check your blood pressure here” and you are in business. Try and identify people that are hypertensive and are on medication-but do not have a blood pressure monitor. You can charge N200 or more each time you check their blood pressure. Use friends and relations to also market your service.

9.GRAPHIC ARTISTE: You will need about N30,000 to buy a good used laptop and about N5000 to install all packages like corel draw and adobe photoshop and antivirus software. You will then spend about N10,000 to N15,000 for a good computer school to learn the packages and you are in business. Contact printers who will give you jobs to do and they will pay you. You can also get and do printing jobs. You don’t need an office to start.

10. G.S.M ACCESSORIES: Sell GSM accessories like phone charger, power bank, ear phone, phone covers etc, position your business at a place with plenty of human traffic, so that you can get customers. Buy wholesale and retail.

11. FRUITS: You need a table ,chair and a big umbrella, baskets, tray and containers to store the fruits. You would need to be going to the fruit market every day to buy fresh fruits that you would be selling like water melon, oranges, pawpaw ,banana, cucumber etc .You need to slice the pawpaw and water melons into smaller sizes ,so customers can buy the little quantity they need at affordable prices.

12.STATIONERY: Have you ever thought of selling envelopes, exercise books, biros and other stationeries. If you live near a school, this is a good business to start. You just need a small table, buy your goods in bulk from the market at wholesale prices and sell.

This is all for now, next edition, we shall treat: HOW TO TELL IF A NEW BUSINESS WILL SUCCEED BEFORE YOU START IT.