#10yearschallenge- Susceptibility to Greatness

By Amarachi Okpunobi

Social networks has always been the fastest medium to get information whether true or untrue to spread like wild fire. It starts like a candle lightening and takes up almost all the timeline of the users and get flooded by the comments of users.

Just recently, I bumped into the trending #10yearschallenge. I saw both young and old, funny pictures of individuals as they were displayed on their timelines where they were ten years younger than there are and their present selves..

Initially I couldn’t comprehend what it meant because it seemed to each user, it was a show of pictures and memories. It was interpreted in physique, beauty, and probably how timid one looked at that time. The fashion in Vogue then and the hair do that was fashionable then.

Some indeed, looked fatter, bigger, thinner or slimmer, prettier and mature than before. Some were fairer than they were.

I read with keen interest as comments dropped boxes in different angles. Gradually, I began to realize that the challenge was not really a challenge to many as such. It was a mere show of beauty, bigger hips, fairer skin, height and lots more.

Then I thought aloud, why wasn’t a show of life challenges. Why didn’t users share their success stories from ten years ago till now? Why couldn’t they share how they were able to face the old hands of death that stripped them of their parents and orphaned them? Why didn’t they us how their business crumbled or booked for the past ten years? Was is illegal or social media prohibited to tell us how that wrecked marriage was put back to peace? Why was it only picture display and comments? Why was it all about physique and beauty?

There are many challenges people face in life. Challenge of failure in examinations, marriage, business, offices or even leadership.

Dear reader, if your challenges last are still your biggest challenges now, then I bet you have not done quite a big deal to get the puzzle solved. You really have to get your hands doing something to get them solved.

The people in your life can actually be your ten year challenge. The people in your life will either increase or decrease you or even neutralize you. They can either be toxic or nourishment to your life. Be cautious of those whom you associate with. Anyone that is not making you better but is making you better is a challenge to you, let them go. It is also challenging to let them go, probably you have a said history with them. But be sure to know that you having a history with a person does not necessarily mean you have a future with them because wrong association will kill your joy, dream, passion, faith and even your career. You really don’t have to be in a relationship with everyone. Love is a commandment but relationship, a choice!

Choose whom you associate with wisely. You must not accept all that friend request on Facebook. Some you have to delete to triumph over your challenges. Check your relationship.

You are the CEO of your life!

Your ten years challenge may be that of bad habits. How much effort have you put to quit them. How many people have you destroyed their career because of your unruly habits. How many colleagues have written resignation letters due to your cheap gossip in the office. Have you suddenly become a pest in people’s life and how many have you become a challenge to?

How the past ten years, how much love have you been able to show to others or were you only living in luxury and selfishness? Take a look back in time and sincerely tell yourself how proud you are for what you have become for the past ten years.

Success they say is not fatal, failure not final. In as much as you aren’t competing with anyone, be susceptible to greatness. Take up life challenges to become more greater, lovable, cheerful, kind, stronger and even happier for the next ten years. Pick up challenges that can always make you susceptible to becoming great and not just mere presentation of pictures.

Let your pictures of next ten years speak hope, joy and encouragement in the life of many.

Let your pictures next ten years tell your stories of sucess.